Seafood Orders

Cooked Prawns, Bugs, Crabs and Lobster

Mooloolaba King Prawns – Large
Mooloolaba King Prawns – Medium
Mud Crabs Cooked
Blue Swimmers (Sandcrabs) Cooked
Spanner Crab Cooked
Balmain Bugs Cooked
XL Moreton Bay Bugs Cooked
Cold Water Lobster
Tassie Lobster
½ Lobster Mornay – Ready to cook
Full Lobster Mornay – Ready to cook

Fresh Seafood

XL Raw King Prawns
Moreton Bay Bugs Raw
Squid Tubes

Frozen Products

5KG Box Large Cooked King Prawns
5KG Box Medium Cooked King Prawns
5KG Box Small/Medium Cooked King Prawns
Mooloolaba Scallops ½ Shell (6)

Seafood Packs

Option 1 – Large Seafood Pack

5Kg Large Cooked Prawns
5 Doz Pacific Oysters
2kg Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs
2kg Cooked Sandcrabs
2 Large Seafood Sauces
2 Whole Lemons

Option 2 – Small Seafood Pack

2kg Large Cooked Prawns
2kg Large Cooked Prawns
1kg Cooked Moreton Bay Bugs
1kg Cooked Sandcrabs
1kg large Seafood Sauce
1 Whole Lemon


Fresh Fish

Atlantic Salmon (Skin On)
Goldband Snapper Fillets
Red Emperor Fillets
Whole Reef Fish
Whole Snapper


Pacific (12)
Sydney Rock (12)


Large Seafood Sauce
Large Tartare Sauce
Whole Lemon

Orders can be made over the phone
07 5406 0468
or instore

Minimum orders of $150 with a minimum deposit of $50.

All items subject to availability.